Posted Dec 4, 2017


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Tips from Sam Snow when searching for Colleges - Do's & Don'ts of college soccer.pdf 

College Basics by Sam Snow - Read Entire Article

 One of the most important choices a student will make up to now is where to go to college. Whether attending college for strictly academics, and or pursuing aspirations to play a sport at the collegiate level, organizing your search, understanding academic and athletic standards, and knowing exactly what options are available to you are a key focus.

When beginning your college search, think about the following items that may influence your decision to attend a particular school, or not:

  • Local vs. Distance
  • Urban vs. Rural
  • Commuting vs. Residential
  • Large Campus vs. Small Campus
  • Student life - campus activities
  • Meeting admission standards
  • Majors - area of academic interest
  • Expense

Cast a wide net when considering the types of colleges and universities that might be available, this is especially important as a high school freshman or sophomore. As you progress through your high school career and refine what it is you do want in a college, you will find your idea of the perfect college fit becomes more concrete, and your list of schools more concentrated. By the time you are a senior, you most likely will have a defined list of 5 to 7 serious schools of interest.

Consider the different types of Colleges and Universities available

  • Public
  • Private
  • Service Academy
  • Military
  • Junior College